At The Literacy and Language Center, we have a number of students enrolled in our writing program that have expressed interest in publishing their work on our blog. This first submission is from a very familiar face around the center – one of our school program students who was assigned a compare/contrast essay.

This student pays very careful attention to transition sentences between topics and paragraphs. We invite you to take note of this skill, which is a key element in making any written narrative flow well for the reader. As the essay concludes, we can see that our author has a very clear stance on the “war of musical mechanisms”. Enjoy!


The War of Musical Mechanisms

By Joseph

     Digital music is conquering the record players in a battle between modern versus classic. Digital music is easier to download rather than going to a store and buying a record. All you have to do is to search for your music with a couple of clicks, download it, and you have your music. But both devices play music. There are many differences and similarities between digital music and record players.

     The difference in appearance between digital music and record players is easily seen. Digital music can travel anywhere, where a record player can not move as much. A device that is digital comes in many sizes but record players are about the size of a small brief case. The record player lets you play one song at a time, while the digital device can play over 100 songs. The journey of differences continues as we move from appearances to sound.

     There are differences in sound quality and how songs are heard between these devices. The modern version lets you hear music with headphones, however the classic version is heard aloud. In my opinion digital music sounds prerecorded where as record players sound as if the performers are actually there. For the modern version, you just press play but for the classic version the needle needs to be placed very gently on the record. As we leave the land of sound, we go on to how change in song happens.

     One of the main differences is how to change music on these devices. In the era of digital music, in order to change a song, you press forward or backwards by either clicking or pressing the double arrow icon. However, in the age of record players, the record is changed by hand. It is changed by taking out the round, black record and placing another one on the turntable. Now that the differences are aside, let’s talk about similarities.

     There are similarities between the modern and classic version of these music players. Both the record player and the digital device play music. Additionally, both are recorded on a type of recorder. Furthermore, these devices are a type of machine. Although I prefer record players, I will leave this decision of choosing which music player you prefer in your hands.