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The Literacy and Language Center is a local educational center based in the Sunset District of San Francisco. We use multisensory, research based programs to develop an individualized plan to address difficulties in reading, spelling, writing, verbal expression, comprehension, critical thinking, and study skills. We work in a supportive one-to-one learning environment that promotes growth in academic skills, confidence in abilities, and a feeling of safety that is not always available in classrooms or group learning environments.

Our staff is highly trained in multisensory, research based methods that develop the cognitive functions needed for literacy and language. We believe in a student-centered approach to education which encourages the student to have a stake in the outcomes of their program alongside their case managers and parents. We use the student’s unique interests and abilities to provide motivation and create new learning opportunities. We work with a diverse range of students, from 5 years old to adult. Our specialists have experience with learning differences, learning disabilities, dyslexia, central auditory processing disorders (CAPD), ADHD, cognitive and neurological disorders, and autism spectrum disorder.

The energy, enthusiasm, commitment and talent of the staff, and the staff’s willingness to experiment with different approaches to insure goals were being met, exceeded my expectations.


Parent of a 5th Grader

Have you noticed these symptoms?

  • An inability to recognize the same words further down on a page?
  • Difficulty sounding out words?
  • Guessing at words based on the first letter?
  • Getting the details of a story but not the main idea?
  • Having to re-read things more than once and still not understanding?
  • Often asking for things to be repeated?
  • One word answers to questions?
  • Not understanding basic language concepts like first, last, before and after?

LLC and its tutors understand kids that learn differently and show them respect and understanding.


Parent of a 5th Grader

  • Having to sound out each word when reading?
  • Trouble sequencing the sounds in words?
  • Adding or leaving out a sound within a word?
  • Difficulty reading words in context vs. isolation
  • Relying on phonetic spelling
  • Letter formation inconsistencies
  • Switching and leaving out letters when spelling
  • Challenges recalling visual memory patterns (ex: could, would, should)
  • Lack of interest in books
  • Getting lost in details when trying to recognize a main idea
  • Difficulty starting and maintaining conversations
  • Not independently editing work
  • Underdeveloped plot and characters
  • Perspective taking a challenge?
  • Needing to have directions repeated multiple times/leaving out steps
  • Difficulty making connections to text such as inferences and predictions
  • Fast reader but not comprehending what was just read
  • Difficulty holding onto details for a test or book report
  • Feeling overwhelmed by large assignments and tests
  • Not independent with organizational skills such as planners, calendars, task lists
  • Resistance to writing?
  • Unorganized writing with no structure?

We can address these symptoms and much more with an individualized program.

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